Welcome to the RCIS 2022 Registration Procedure.

First of all, you have to create an account and accept the terms of use of the registration site. Once logged in, you will be able to register by following the link My Congress. There, please select the type of registration, introduce the billing information, and complete the payment. Please, read carefully the General conditions to choose the correct type of registration.

In the billing information, there is a Reference field.
For authors who are endorsing  a paper with their registration, please fill this field with the easychair id number "XX" of your paper, following the pattern: R-XX (regular paper), F-XX (forum paper), JF-XX (journal first paper), RP-XX (research project paper), DC-XX (doctoral consortium paper), QUAMES-XX (QUAMES paper), CPSS4Sus-XX (CPSS4Sus paper), ESEA4RCIS-XX (ESEA4RCIS paper). In case of full or main conference registration endorsing a conference paper and a workshop paper, please include both references.

After completing the registration, we will be extremely grateful if you can fill the Additional Information Required Form

Please contact rcis22@event.upc.edu for any inquiries regarding this procedure.

Congress Site: https://www.rcis-conf.com/rcis2022/